Secretariat (A poem)

In nineteen seventy-three, Secretariat pounded around the track to victory And earned a place in the social memory of human society But do the horses remember?   Experts think Secretariat was second only to Man o’ War And Citation thundered in close behind them both Whipped servility in every thunderous step   Secretariat’s heart was… read more »

Life Is a Psalm of Existence (A poem)

Life is a psalm of existence. Will is the strength at the core. Truth is a portrait of thinking. Care is the light of purpose. Love is an echo of beauty. Share is the song of resonance. Belief is a scent of mystery. Fear is the wall of separation. Pain is touch of exclusion. Doubt… read more »

Canada, Not Quite a Sonnet (a poem for Canada Day)

Toronto. Edmundston. Vancouver. Corner Brook. Montreal. Ottawa. Winnipeg. Calgary. Kitchener. Orillia. Saskatoon. Regina.   Thunder Bay. Yellow Knife. Edmonton. Abbotsford.  Kanata. Kelowna. Charlottetown. Okotoks. Hamilton. Halifax. Sudbury. Oshawa.   Chateauguay. Chilliwack. Bowmanville. Rimouski. Prince Albert. Penticton. Drummondville.  Fredericton.  Orangeville. Grand Prairie.  Joliette. Leamington.   St. Thomas. Walnut Grove. Nanaimo. Lloydminster.  Waterloo. Gatineau. About the Poem… read more »

Pinafore (A poem in draft)

  how many times we’ve celebrated Canada Day craning our necks up to the sky at Pinafore Park with the band-shell and the splash-pad; with the pavilions and the  ball park craning our necks up to the sky to watch the booming colourful symphony of fireworks we’ve stood among the scented pines, seeing the smoke… read more »

A Walk At Port Stanley Beach (A poem in draft)

the sky meets Lake Erie in a perfect seam of blue on blue and here at our feet, the fresh clear water bubbles unevenly across the pebbly sand we’ve walked this beach many times before and you’re right, we should come back more often than we do there are the vacationers – laying out their… read more »

BX (A poem in draft)

the ladder is locked the watchtower is closed, a relic of yesteryear’s community yet still there are the watchmen, turning their blue collars up to the wind sucking on cancer sticks, sticking drugs and chemicals in their veins dropping ten years just like their fathers did, though the method’s changed painting their lungs and livers… read more »

Magnolia At Sunset (A Poem)

Each day, the magnolia tree drops more flowers The ground below dusted with the faint whitish purple petals And I greet the sculpted form of the tree, Set, as it is, beside a landscaped waterfall and a bubbling fountain The faintest nostalgia for bygone days and bygone lives discretely bubbling down All of this is… read more »

Lilacs After A Spring Rain (A Poem)

The still young branches tipped over, Panicles heavy with perfume and spring rain Even the lightest touch, a shower – Raindrops and delicate lilac flowers Fills the air for the rarest moment Dusting the ground with the memories Of early spring. Every day should have this moment And I am happy that we had this… read more »

Red Admirals (A Poem)

In twenty-twelve The Red Admirals marched into town and occupied Our Crimson King Maple, The truest red maple on the block – having ruled, Immobile, in the neighbourhood Twenty or thirty years And part of a family tree going back to Eighteen Sixty-Nine, But the old king was ruled by the wanderers, In a single… read more »

Echo (A Poem)

Laying on the operating table Wrists velcroed to narrow platforms Horizontally crucified, I can’t even waive An electronic monitor stridently beep! beep! beep! beeps! Chirping out a steady heart rhythm for the performers -currently, only an audience They waived and murmured their hellos when I  was wheeled in On the far wall, a giant video monitor… read more »