Eric Adriaans

Eric Adriaans is a Canadian researcher and writer available to provide consulting services including policy and procedure research, drafting (writing), training and marketing materials, technical writing, strategic analysis and training, web-content or other documents.

Poetry and Poetics

Eric Adriaans began English poetry studies at Carleton University (1988-1995) where he achieved a combined Bachelor’s Degree (English Literature and Psychology).  His studies focused on British poetry of the 18th and 19th centuries.  In the early 1990s, he was primarily interested in sonnet and haiku forms.


Creative writing and journaling has always been an extremely important part of my self-development. Writing allows me to work out my thoughts and try on new ways to communicate. In my poetry, I’ve explored what I think may be new rhyme structures while retaining a deep respect and appreciation for highly formalized structures like sonnets or haiku. I suppose it is the challenge of expressing an idea or creating an image within a pre-determined structure that appeals to me. So often people think they want to do something that is “outside the box” when they may not even know what they can do inside the box.

He began writing poetry in the early 1990’s, self-publishing a slim collection of poems entitled Leviathan in 2002.  Later, the Leviathan collection grew  in scope and content; a second edition was released spring 2017.

His early poetry influences included William Wordsworth, William Blake, Kobyashi Issa, George Herbert, John Donne, S.T. Coleridge and Al Purdy.

A second collection of poetry, titled Decima, is planned for release in 2018.  Selected poems are available on the Poetry Showcase page.

Legislative Drafting and Policy Writing

Eric Adriaans is enrolled in Athabasca University’s post-Baccalaureate diploma program in Legislative Drafting. He expects to complete the program in the winter of 2008/09.


The current wiki-inspired (Erickipedia)  design theme for was selected as a writing and design exercise.  While earlier versions of the site acted as a convenient and enjoyable blogging format, this new version of the site provides a new writing challenge:

  • write articles in a pseudo-wiki format contrasting the authoritative and objective voice of a crowd-sourced wiki knowledge-base with a subjective single-author source
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  • orient articles and content to a mix of creative and formal writing standards, content and objectives

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Adriaans studied English Literature and Psychology at Ottawa’s Carleton University, completing a  Bachelor degree in 1995.  In 2010, he obtained the designation Certified Automotive Fleet Manager from NAFA. Currently he is enrolled in Athabasca University’s Legislative Drafting program, with an expected completion of the program in 2018.  He has also studied Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Fanshawe College, in London,Ontario.

Professional Career

Adriaans spent 25 years working in the charitable sector as a community organizer, fundraiser, communicator, manager and director at the local, provincial and national level of many of Canada’s best recognized and respected charitable organizations.  An adventurous career of helping to renew struggling operations has taken him from Ottawa to Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and St. Thomas (Ontario).

During his term as the National Executive Director of Centre For Inquiry Canada from 2014 to 2016 Eric served on Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom’s External Advisory Committee as the only non-religious appointee.  Eric also led CFIC’s campaign to oppose Canada’s blasphemous libel law, the formation of the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws as well as CFIC’s efforts to support a family’s escape from the machete-wielding fanatics in Bangladesh.

Eric Speaking2Adriaans has expertise in fleet management, logistics and supply chain management, legislative drafting, charitable sector management and governance, customer service, quality management and strategy planning.

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