Tai Chi and Meditation

I am not an expert in Tai Chi or meditation. Probably it would be a very bad idea for me to claim to be an expert in anything at all. But I am happy in my enthusiasms and in attempting to maintain a beginner’s mind when it comes to most things. These are my contemplations while approaching Tai Chi as a 50-plus-year-old beginner.

Learning Tai Chi After 50: An Introductory Essay

As my fiftieth birthday came and went, I approached another long-deferred curiosity and ambition: Tai Chi. Learning Tai Chi may seem rather less exciting and dangerous than learning to ride a motorcycle, but I have expectations that it will be every bit as enriching….. (more)

Tai Chi In The Morning

When I realized that my do-it-when-I-remember-to Tai Chi schedule did not qualify as a commitment, I considered what I could and should do about it. I decided that I needed to set a regular schedule that I could stick to and that could maximize any benefits I might derive. Eventually, I focused-on the worst part of my day. Mornings. It made sense…if this is my worst time of day, maybe including Tai Chi could be an improvement….(more)

Tai Chi and Movement as Metaphor

Who hasn’t heard or seen Tai Chi described as meditative movement? It’s an extremely appealing description. As a beginner, I can’t claim to have attained a meditative state. After six or eight months of not-quite-daily practice, the flailing of my limbs is starting to require less conscious effort and feels less awkward. When I think of the movements and even while performing the movements, I am struck by the metaphorical nature of Tai Chi…..(more)

Footnotes to a Process: An Inquiry into Meditation

 I do not consider myself to be Buddhist. I did not grow up in a Buddhist household or culture; I don’t participate in any Buddhist organizations; I have a relatively limited knowledge of Buddhist thought, having read only a handful of contemporary books about Buddhism. But none of that suggests to me that meditation isn’t capable of observable impacts…. (more)

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