Poetry Is Everywhere

Poetry is everywhere. Poetry and references to poetry are in books and on the internet; forms of poetry are present in corporate slogans and names; poetry is the stuff of song lyrics and sometimes the foundation of great political or legal tracts.  Poetry is perhaps within us at a fundamental biological level in the form of… read more »

Political Tribes: Poets Speaking For Their Age

Some months ago, I reviewed Camille Paglia’s 2005 book of poetic criticism, Break Blow Burn.  At the time, I was interested in Paglia’s observation that In gathering material for this book, I was shocked at how weak individual poems have become over the past forty years.  Our most honored poets are gifted and prolific, but… read more »

The Thinker As Poet

For this exploration, I am using Albert Hofstadter’s translation in the Harper Perennial Modern Thought edition (2013) of Poetry, Language, Thought as my launching point.  I have never read Heidegger in German and am not in a position to comment on his poetry in the original language. Fortunately for me, Hofstadter provides a sort of… read more »