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leviathan-cover-page-for-web-page-001Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica Of Adrian Kun (ISBN 978-0-9950966-0-8)

Written and collected by the light of a coal-oil lamp over the course of twenty-five years, Leviathan is a mix of allegorical blank verse, allusive haiku and updated sonnet forms.  Leviathan is geographically rooted in Ontario from the boreal forest of North to the Carolinian forests of the Southwest.

Eric Adriaans began writing poetry in the early 1990’s. In 2002, a slim collection of poems was produced under the title of the leading poem, Leviathan. Now a 124-page collection, the expanded edition is available April 2017.

The 2017 edition is priced at $18 (CDN), including shipping.  Find Eric Adriaans’ essays pairing poetry with brandy (Burned Wine Series) and publication of original poetry on our blog page!


behemoth cover

Behemoth: The Analects of Adrian Kun 

Coming Spring 2018

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