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Eric is a skilled researcher and writer of strategic and operational policy and procedure documents. Eric Adriaans is available to provide consulting services including policy/procedure research, drafting, training and marketing materials, technical writing, strategic analysis and training.

Eric Adriaans began writing poetry in the early 1990’s, self-publishing a slim collection of poems entitled Leviathan in 2002.  Later, the Leviathan collection grew  in scope and content; a second edition was released spring 2017 (see sidebar to purchase a copy).

Before forming The Druthers Press,  Eric spent 25 years working in the charitable sector as a community organizer, fundraiser, communicator, manager and director.   Eric has a BA (English/Psychology) from Carleton University and is currently enrolled in Athabasca University’s Legislative Drafting program and Fanshawe College’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program.

Eric’s primary passions include poetry, philosophy, cycling as well as the maintenance and care of a Victorian home in  St. Thomas, Ontario.


wine press image2The Druthers Press

The Druthers Press is an independent micro-publishing project focused on creator-designed, low-volume editions.

Our first title is Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun (ISBN 978-0-9950966-0-8), a collection of poetry by Eric Adriaans.


Please see Eric’s current and upcoming books.



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