Life Is a Psalm of Existence (A poem)

Life is a psalm of existence.

Will is the strength at the core.

Truth is a portrait of thinking.

Care is the light of purpose.

Love is an echo of beauty.

Share is the song of resonance.

Belief is a scent of mystery.

Fear is the wall of separation.

Pain is touch of exclusion.

Doubt is the death of the striving.

Life is a psalm of existence.

Will is the strength at the core.


About the Poem

Life is A Psalm of Existence was originally drafted in the late 1990’s and has undergone few modifications from its original form.  The poem is heavily influenced by William Blake’s Proverbs of Hell and Tyger, Tyger.   In near imitation of Tyger, Tyger, where the opening stanza is repeated to close and re-assert the main theme of the poem, Life is a Psalm Of Existence repeats its opening lines as a closure.   The poem also acts as a response to the metaphysical themes of Tyger, Tyger while replicating the conceptualization of Proverb’s of Hell.  The central idea of the poem is that life is the answer rather than the reason for a question.  The poem offers a contradiction of the idea that metaphysical meanings  start at a creation event and are brought forward.

Writing Method

The poem was originally hand-written in note-books and re-written over several iterations.  Early versions of the poem included visual imagery that was gradually removed in favour of a more stark presentation.  This is an attempt to emphasize a contrast to the vivid imagery of Blake’s work.

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  1. Original draft: July 12, 2018



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