Canada, Not Quite a Sonnet (a poem for Canada Day)

Toronto. Edmundston. Vancouver.

Corner Brook. Montreal. Ottawa.

Winnipeg. Calgary. Kitchener.

Orillia. Saskatoon. Regina.


Thunder Bay. Yellow Knife. Edmonton.

Abbotsford.  Kanata. Kelowna.

Charlottetown. Okotoks. Hamilton.

Halifax. Sudbury. Oshawa.


Chateauguay. Chilliwack. Bowmanville.

Rimouski. Prince Albert. Penticton.

Drummondville.  Fredericton.  Orangeville.

Grand Prairie.  Joliette. Leamington.


St. Thomas. Walnut Grove. Nanaimo.

Lloydminster.  Waterloo. Gatineau.

About the Poem

Canada, Not Quite a Sonnet is included in Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun.  It was originally composed and drafted in 2016 as a Canada Day exercise.  Inherent in the poem’s design is an idea of approximation.  Writing a sonnet is note merely the following of a few metrical and rhyming conventions; describing a country is not solely a matter of listing out component communities.  This poem is in the proximity of a sonnet. It is not quite a sonnet.  Listing of  Canadian communities (proximities) might be a beginning to describe Canada and Canadian nationalism.  But it is not a description of national pride.  This poem brings the reader to a proximity upon which precise and detailed associations an sentiments might be explored.

Writing Method

The poem was conceived while collecting material for an expanded and updated version of Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun.  As a Canadian poet, Adriaans was investigating Canadian nationalism and identity.  The current draft was composed over several days.  Within the meter, the iamb has not been followed to extend the notion of approximation.  An earlier version of the poem attempted to alternate between rivers and cities but this version did not flow. (The pun is intended.)

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  1. Original draft: June 30, 2018



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