Pinafore (A poem in draft)


how many times we’ve celebrated Canada Day

craning our necks up to the sky

at Pinafore Park

with the band-shell and the splash-pad; with the pavilions and the  ball park

craning our necks up to the sky

to watch the booming colourful symphony of fireworks

we’ve stood among the scented pines, seeing the smoke drifting up to the sky

we’ve stood among the maples, where families spread out their blankets and chairs

we even sat over in the donut shop parking lot, hoping for a quick escape back home

but mostly we’ve stood craning our necks up to the sky

here in this community, joining the booming colourful symphony

over at Pinafore Park

how many times we’ve celebrated


About the Poem

In 2017, Eric Adriaans decided to write a series of poems based on local culture, landmarks and locations in St. Thomas, Ontario.  Conceptually the series is titled the St. Thomas Suite and may form the basis of an upcoming printed collection. Other poems in the series include:

  • St. Thomas New Year’s Ghost Story
  • Magnolia at Sunset
  • Lilacs After A Spring Rain
  • BX


Writing Method

The poem was conceived to be part of a series of blank verse poems on local landmarks and features of the City of St. Thomas (Ontario) and Elgin County.  The poem began with a simple list of memories and associations  written on notepaper and transcribed to digital format.  This is the first draft.

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  1. Original draft: June 21, 2018



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