Lilacs After A Spring Rain (A Poem)

The still young branches tipped over,

Panicles heavy with perfume and spring rain

Even the lightest touch, a shower –

Raindrops and delicate lilac flowers

Fills the air for the rarest moment

Dusting the ground with the memories

Of early spring.

Every day should have this moment

And I am happy that we had this together.


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  • Lovely poem. I like your description of the season changing, the remembrance of past spring and the awakening of a new spring time. Also, I like the end of the poem as you connect nature observation to human feelings, to the best moments we can have in our lives.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Lilacs After A Spring Rain. I sometimes wonder if these kinds of poems resonate with people today; I think the lilac could occupy the space in Ontario (Canadian) poetry that cherry blossoms do in haiku.

      • I believe poems about nature and its connection with our feelings and thoughts will always resonate. After all we are part of nature.

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