The print version of Leviathan: The Biographia Isocratica of Adrian Kun (ISBN 978-8-9950966-0-8 is now available.

Written and collected primarily by the light of a coal-oil lamp over the course of twenty-five years, Leviathan is a mix of allegorical blank verse, allusive haiku and updated sonnet forms.  Leviathan is geographically rooted in Ontario from the boreal forests of Thunder Bay, Ottawa and Sault Ste. Marie to the Carolinian forest and lakeshore areas of Southwestern Ontario.

Leviathan is an integrated work which launches an extended personal and political metaphor.  Rooted in personal experience and observations, the poetry and its underlying thought is influenced by John Donne, Al Purdy, Kobayashi Issa, William Blake, Thomas Hobbes, S.T. Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Lewis Carroll, Epictetus, William James and John Dewey.

Adrian Kun is the rhetorical alter-ego of the author, Eric Adriaans. The kun is a mythological creature from Chinese mythology which can be viewed as the analogue of the Bible-myth Leviathan (its air-borne form is the Peng, making the complete full name the Kunpeng).


Beneath a perfect blue sky and a friendly sun

I heard you commenting on the gentle breeze and promising horizon.

With your fantastic careless smile, you seemed

To conquer the limitless moment which I feared.

And I wondered if you knew that

Though you tried to bury its enormity

Beneath blue and heavy waters,

Still it breathed – “I am massive,

I am leviathan.”

Kun/Leviathan is a revision of Hobbe’s political metaphor (the Leviathan as representative of the commonwealth) where the Leviathan represents the individual as embodiment of an isocratic state.

The print version of Leviathan is the first title of  The Druthers Press, a micro-publishing project oriented to production of creator-driven published works.